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basement flooding solutions in providence ri

Do you have a wet basement? Because of their location, basements are usually prone to flooding. In fact most of them always moist and damp. Basement flooding can occur at any time of the year even when the conditions are dry. It can occur during the rainy season and spring thaw. Hire us for effective basement flooding solutions in Providence, RI.

Having a flooded basement can be your worst nightmare. It can cause significant water damage which can make your house unlivable. From toxic mold to structural damage, the effects of water damage can be gross. Being aware of the common causes of basement flooding and preventing them early is the best way to prevent flooding in basements.

Causes Of Basement Flooding

There are numerous causes of basement flooding ranging from leaky basement windows and burst pipes to drainage issues and leak foundation. Let’s look at some of them:

1. Poor Sealing

When you’re building a home, it’s important to ensure that the foundation and basement tiles are sealed properly. If sealing is done incorrectly or wears off over time, water begins to enter the basement from the ground. You should suspect poor sealing to be the culprit if your basement floods every time it rains.

2. Weeping Tile Failure

When building a home, you should that it has proper drainage system around it to ensure that all the run-off water flows away from and doesn’t stagnate near the foundation.

If the system, also called weeping tiles, was been incorrectly installed or has failed, your basement might experience flooding during heavy rains. Only a specialist can determine if weeping tiles are the root cause of your basement flooding.

3. Improperly Installed Downspouts

Downspouts’ main function is to direct run-off water away from your house and its foundation. They should be at least 5 to 6 feet away from your home basement wall and should drain away towards the backyard or street. If the downspouts are missing or broken, then water will be pooling next to your house and seep slowly into your basement or through cracks in your foundation.

4. Gutter Debris

Also called eaves troughs, gutters also play an important role in moving water away from your home in order to keep the foundation and basement dry. If your gutters are clogged with twigs, seed pods, leaves, and other debris, they will stop rainwater from moving off your roof and away from the home. If your gutters overflow, they will force the water down to the sides of the house where will pool and seep into your basement.

5. Faulty Hot Water Tanks, Pipes, And Sump Pump

The basement usually contains 3 potential sources for flooding: leaky plumbing pipes, sump pump, and hot water tank. If any of these breaks or gets damaged, your basement can flood. Pipes usually fail due to poor workmanship, freezing temperatures, and age. Ensure your sump pumps and hot water tanks are inspected annually for check for faults.

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