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Providence Basement Waterproofing is the leading basement waterproofing and repair service contractors in Providence, Rhode Island. We understand that finding a reliable, trustworthy and experienced Providence RI basement waterproofing contractors can be a daunting experience. This is why we provide a full survive basement waterproofing products and services for all your needs.

We have decades of experience serving a wide range of clientele in Rhode Island using the best waterproofing technologies, and basement proofing products. We specialize in wall crack repair and installation and drainage systems services. Our trained and experienced technicians will install basement waterproofing systems, do structural and foundation repairs, mold remediation and provide emergency services for flooded basements.

We provide excellent and friendly customer service that includes competitive pricing, free inspections, and lifetime warranties. Simply put, we guarantee that we will do a professional job in getting your basement dry and keeping it that way.

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Basement Insulation

Given that every home is unique we provide customized solutions for your home. Depending on the situation, we will recommend a particular solution or a combination of solutions such as:

  1. French drain system installation that redirects water from the basement
  2. Sump pump installation including backup systems to collect groundwater and pump it away from the foundation
  3. Encapsulation and water removal including crawl space repair
  4. Installation of exterior landscape drainage systems to redirect water away from the basement and foundation
  5. Installation of dehumidifiers to improve indoor air quality and minimize moisture
  6. Minimally invasive repair solutions for your floors and basement walls that may have been weakened by moisture.

Basement Wall Crack Repair

We are specialists in basement wall crack repairs to protect your property from the risk of collapse. We provide foundation and structural repairs that will reverse severe damage from years of damage from moisture and water. Our floor and wall crack repair services are not only cosmetic but also serve other purposes. Fixing cracks will keep harmful gases, rodents, insects and water of your house. In addition to repairing cracks, we also offer a mold remediation service that follows a meticulous process that ensures your home is healthy clean and safe for your family.

Drainage Systems

We are specialists in the installation of French drainage systems. We install powerful but quiet drainage systems that will keep the basement free of moisture or water even after big storms. A good French drainage system will redirect water away from your house especially if you live in a plot of land that is not level or has uneven grading. The French drains we install are effective at keeping the foundations and basement dry throughout the year even after heavy snow melt or rain.

Dehumidifier Installation

Household dehumidifiers are effective for over ground areas of the home. However, crawl spaces and basements, which are the biggest breeding grounds for humidity require something more powerful. At Providence Basement Waterproofing, we always use the best basement waterproofing products and this is no different when it comes to dehumidifiers. We use the most powerful and durable dehumidifiers that will remove much more air from the air than standard machines.

Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump is an important component of waterproofing your basement. Once the French drain system captures the water it needs to go somewhere. We install a sump pump that will detect any water in the ground and pump it away from the foundations and basement and far away from the home. Our technicians will also install backup systems for when you have a blackout so that your home is protected at all times. We have the best in class backups and sump pumps that will always keep your home protected.

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We understand how daunting the task of basement repair and waterproofing can become. We love to ensure that you get the best service at an affordable cost so that your investment is always protected.
When you contact us, we always provide a free inspection of your basement for any damage or waterproofing needs. We will make your home dry and safe and provide 100% guarantees of all services that we provide.

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