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Having a wet basement can be annoying, and it can damage anything that’s in the basement. More than 60% of properties in the US have damp basement issues. The process of drying a wet basement may require the services of experts who can identify and solve the problem. Our company has the best wet basement waterproofing contractors in Povidence who are ready to help if you reside in Providence, Rhode Island area.

Water in basements comes mainly from two sources. The first source is indoor humidity, which condenses on the cold surfaces. The other source is where water or moisture leaks from outside into your basement. Water can saturate the soil around your basement and end up leaking through the cracks. Also, the drainage systems in your home may be the source of water in the basement if they are broken.

Drying A Wet Basement

Condensation creates water spots on floors and walls, and it turns your basement clammy. Our experts have the experience to tell if the source of water in the basement is from condensation. The puddles can confuse one since they are almost similar to those created by subsurface water. We identify the source of indoor moisture and carry out the necessary control measure. Our experts also will help you with drying the basement.

We can help by controlling the runoff water, which comes from rainwater or snow. We ensure that we check all the point where water can leak into your house. In most cases, the soil around the basement can soak and seep water through cracks on the wall. We can help by creating a slope to push away the water that may accumulate near the walls.

Since the moisture seeps in through the cracks, we can seal all the cracks and holes on the walls and the floor of your basement. Patching the walls can help improve the situation of your basement. After patching and filling up the gaps, our experts can waterproof the walls. The paint coating is one of the best water-coating technique to aid in drying your basement. It helps in filling the pores where water can leak through.

If your basement suffers from leaks, the best solution is creating quality drainage systems. Our experts can install a drainage system with a sump basket to aid in keeping your basement dry.

Why You Should Fix Your Wet Basement With Our Waterproofing Contractors!

  • It improves the structural integrity of your foundation. A wet basement lowers the structural integrity of your house. You should keep the basement dry at all times and ensure there are no water leaks.
  • It improves the health status of your house. If your basement is wet, the chances are high that it will increase humidity all across your home. High humidity levels act as a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  • It increases property value. A smelly and wet basement lowers the value of your property. You can consider waterproofing your basement. Having a dry basement increases the value of your property.
  • It keeps your house warmer during winter. A wet basement raises the humidity levels of your house. It’s usually challenging to heat humid air. It lowers the temperatures in your home and increases the amount of electricity you use to heat your house.

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